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Storytelling in business: how to use it to grow your brand

Throughout my business journey I’ve taken every opportunity to use storytelling as a way to build trust, loyalty and grow my brand. In this post I take you through the 7 step process I’ve followed to tell my story often and effectively.

How to build an audience: my unconventional approach to rebuilding mine in a few years

People often ask me how I’ve built my audience, but what a lot of people don’t know, is while I’ve been online for a decade, I actually started almost entirely from scratch 4 years ago, giving up virtually everything I’d done in the 7 years prior. In this post I’ll take you through the unconventional approach I took to rebuild my audience in a few years.

From 1 piece of content per week to 50 per day – How to be a modern content machine

With the ongoing shift towards dynamic video content within social media in 2016, increasing your output of quality content has never been more important. In the following article I’ll tell you about the ways and tools I use to deliver the volume of quality content needed to create an impression and effectively engage with your audience.

My 6 top business podcasts for entrepreneurs

In this week’s post I’m discussing top business podcasts, and specifically which ones I gain the most insight and enjoyment from. I’ll let you know why you should listen, what differentiates them from the myriad of other podcasts out there, together with a few of my favourite episodes that I recommend you have a listen to.

17 epic opportunities for reaching influencers (influencer outreach on periscope)

vI have a confession to make. I think I’m addicted to Periscope! It’s an amazing way to get useful content out quickly and build a whole new level of trust with your community. But there’s also an insane opportunity for influencer outreach on periscope. So much so that I just did a periscope about that