Best 7 Day Startup WordPress Themes (2016 Edition)

One of the key parts of launching your 7 Day Startup is getting your website live in one day using a low cost WordPress theme. I’m asked all the time, what are the best startup WordPress themes, so I wanted to dig into that this week.

While you don’t want to spend too much time on your site (you don’t learn until you launch), the fact is – like it or not – people will judge you on how it looks. Design matters.

[ctt tweet=”Like it or not – people will judge you on how it looks. Design matters.” coverup=”Up4Zg”]

That’s why the most important thing when coming to choose your WordPress theme is not a bunch of features you don’t need (if you do need a feature there’s plenty of free and low cost plugins for that), but the design.

And budget needn’t be an issue, there are now many WordPress themes for around $100 or less that look like they cost a lot more.

But rather than you wasting your time trying to find the top 1% among thousands of themes, I asked Nick Davis (WordPress theme expert and founder of Theme Valet) to give us his very latest selection of seven of the best WordPress themes for 7 Day Startup businesses in 2016.

Showcase (by JT Grauke)

I see a lot of landing page style themes and they can look samey, however I think Showcase is one of the best of the lot. In fact, it’s pretty perfect for most 7 Day Startup launches.

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Digital Pro (by StudioPress)

StudioPress is known for its consistently high quality and often leading edge designs that rarely look anything like your ‘typical’ WordPress theme. Digital Pro is one of there newest and most popular releases perfect for many product and service launches and a nice mix of homepage sections.

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Hype (by ThemeZilla)


Hype is the latest attractive theme from one of the strongest theme shops out there, ThemeZilla.

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Aspire (by Appfinite)


An attractive theme with a lot of homepage areas to play with (you don’t have to use them all!), the top of the homepage leaves space for a large image and a very noticeable email signup box.

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Glam (by Restored 316)

If your 7 Day Startup has a fashion or beauty angle then Glam might be the perfect fit, it’s also comes with compatibility with popular WordPress ecommerce plugin WooCommerce baked in.

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Checkout (by Array Themes)

Another attractive theme but a slightly different look from some of the others I’ve included. It also stands out by being compatible with Easy Digital Downloads (a very popular WordPress plugin for selling digital goods) from the word ‘go’.

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Jessica (by Web Savvy Marketing)

A great ‘all round’ ecommerce theme built to be compatible with WooCommerce out of the box  (WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin and one of the most popular ecommerce systems on any platform).

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Looking for even more WordPress themes?

Check out Nick’s original Top seven ‘7 Day Startup’ WordPress launch themes article for another seven WordPress themes perfect for your new product or service launch.

If you want more tips on choosing the right WordPress theme for your business you can also get notes and watch a replay of Nick and I discussing WordPress themes from the first 7 Day Startup challenge.

Or, join us in the 7 Day Startup Pro community, where members regularly swap tips and experiences of the best WordPress themes and plugins they use to power their businesses.


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