Hiring – Assistant Content Boss (Gold Coast Office)

Hi, my name’s Dan and I like to create shitloads of content (podcasts, blogs, books etc). I like it so much I wrote a book about it. I create content about starting and marketing online businesses (I wrote a book about that also).

And I like to drink beer. Yes, yes I’m writing a book about that as well.

I also run 3 businesses so I’ve gotten busy and I need your help to keep producing more stuff.

I’m looking for you to work 3 days a week in my Gold Coast office and take all of my ideas (there are many) and help turn them into great pieces of content.

Snapchat me @thedannorris, tell me about yourself and how you can help. I’ll give a few people a trial before choosing someone to be my right-hand content boss.

Purpose: Manage my content creation process for my personal brand and 7 Day Startup brand. Keep me on track with putting out content and take my ideas and repurpose them into written posts and content on various social platforms.

Team: It’s just me and my full time Virtual Assistant Francis for my personal projects. I’m also involved in 2 other businesses, so you would have contact with the teams from those businesses as well.


  • Keep me on track and outputting content.
  • Manage some of my social media channels.
  • Take my ideas and work on original blog post and social media posts for those topics.
  • Manage my quarterly 7 Day Startup Challenge online event.
  • Re-purpose content such as podcast interviews into short social media videos, or Facebook live stream calls into written blog posts.
  • Make sure I don’t overuse cheesy stock photos in my content.


You have to be able to take an idea with a bunch of notes and create a great post based on the idea. You need to be organized, efficient and be comfortable using social media platforms. You need to be able to take responsibility for a job and get it done. You are hopefully friendly and ideally you like beer (or at least you don’t think it’s weird that we drink it during meetings).


3 days per week part-time in my Gold Coast Office in Burleigh Heads.


Depends on experience.

How to apply

Feel free to contact me however you like to apply and see about doing a trial. My preference is Snapchat cause you can send me a video and we can chat a bit before going further.

Cheesy stock image from Startup Stock Photos


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