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Hey, I'm Dan, founder of The 7 Day Startup.

In 2013 I was 2 weeks away from unemployment after 8 straight years of business failure. In the next week I launched a WordPress support service (WP Curve), providing ongoing small fixes for a monthly fee.

2 years on, WP Curve is a team of 40+ people in 7 countries, has worked with thousands of companies and is turning over $80,000 USD / month.

Instead of messing around trying to validate ideas or debating things with my entrepreneurial friends, I launched. Then I made decisions based on real information from real customers to build the business.

Join the thousands of other entrepreneurs who are getting shit done with The 7 Day Startup.

Dan Norris - Founder, International Speaker & Bestselling Author


From Unemployed to $20k MRR in 3 Months

I was unexpectedly unemployed in September of 2014. The 7 Day Startup process inspired me to start a graphic design service, Design Pickle.

3 months later we were doing $20,000 in monthly recurring revenue and within 6 months we hit $30k.

Included in the FREE 8-module Course

  • Welcome and Orientation

    Once you sign up, you will immediately receive the first video. It covers my story and why you should launch your business in 7 Days. After this video you will be fired up to get going!

  • Choose Your Idea

    It’s important to launch quickly but all business ideas are not equal. On Day 1 I run through the 9 elements of a great startup idea.

  • WTF is an MVP?

    In this module I show you how to create a Minimum Viable Product, how to do it well and the common traps to avoid.

  • Choose a Business Name

    Business names can be tricky but they are important. In this module I provide a framework to evaluate business names and make sure you choose a great one.

  • Build a Website in 1 Day for Under $100

    You need to execute your idea well, but that doesn’t mean you have to invest thousands of dollars and months of your life creating a website. I’ll show you how to do it in 1 day for under $100.

  • 10 Ways to Market Your Business

    Every business needs marketing. In this module I’ll encourage you to tap into your unique advantage and put a plan together to test a bunch of marketing strategies to see what works.

  • Setting Targets for High Growth

    We don’t just want to start a business, we want to launch a high growth startup. In this module I run through some targets you can set for yourself to smash that goal.

  • Launch and Beyond

    On day 7 we launch, but it’s what happens after that really matters. On this day I’ll provide some quick launch tips and focus on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

7 Day Startup Results

Thousands of entrepreneurs have built real businesses, following The 7 Day Startup process.

The 7 Day Startup Backstory

A lot of people struggle with how to get started in business. The 7 Day Startup process has helped thousands of people enter the world of entrepreneurship.

It started with The 7 Day Startup Book, which launched in October 2014. Originally it was planned as a free PDF download but at the last minute, I decided to release it as a proper book on Amazon and make it free for 1 week.

It rocketed to the top of the Amazon free listings and when it moved to paid, stayed in the top 2 of the small business and startup categories for months.

It has been ordered 25,000+ times and translated into 6 languages. It's made a big impact on Amazon with 220+ 5 Star reviews, and a bigger impact in terms of people making real change.

It challenged currently accepted startup thinking, and inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to launch businesses in a new way. Some have gone on to build multiple 6 figures in the months since.


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