How to add proof to your startup homepage when you are starting from scratch

A common question for new startups is how to go about establishing trust on your website when you’re starting from scratch. The following article addresses elements you can incorporate into your startup website design to add proof and ensure you give yourself the best chance of building new customer trust and loyalty.

Best 7 Day Startup WordPress Themes (2016 Edition)

One of the key parts of launching your 7 Day Startup is getting your website live in one day using a low cost WordPress theme. I’m asked all the time, what are the best startup WordPress themes, so I wanted to dig into that this week. While you don’t want to spend too much time on your

How I’m doubling my Snapchat followers in one week by using the 70:30 rule

In my last book Content Machine one of the key concepts I discussed was the 70:30 rule, which recommends that when you’re launching a new blog that you initially deliver 70% of your content “offsite” and only 30% on the new blog itself. The reason for this is simple, you don’t yet have an established audience

My 6 top business podcasts for entrepreneurs

In this week’s post I’m discussing top business podcasts, and specifically which ones I gain the most insight and enjoyment from. I’ll let you know why you should listen, what differentiates them from the myriad of other podcasts out there, together with a few of my favourite episodes that I recommend you have a listen to.

Hiring – Assistant Content Boss (Gold Coast Office)

Hi, my name’s Dan and I like to create shitloads of content (podcasts, blogs, books etc). I also run 3 businesses so I’ve gotten busy and I need your help to keep producing more stuff. I’m looking for you to work 3 days a week in my Gold Coast office and take all of my ideas (there are many) and help turn them into great pieces of content.

The Results & Winners of the First 7 Day Startup Challenge

In January 2016 I ran the very first 7 Day Startup Challenge. The idea was to do 7 days with 1 session per day on Blab and get people to launch an idea by the end. I had originally planned to have 200 people sign up to take part. The purpose of doing the challenge