Small business networking not working? Tips to connect that don’t involve throwing business cards at people

Networking to grow your business contacts is something that all entrepreneurs need to be good at. So if your networking strategy is not working as effectively as it should, here’s 20 tips to get you networking like a champ that don’t involve throwing business cards at people.

How I’m applying my online business success to build an offline business

Being someone with a background in online marketing I’ve always thought it would be great to apply those skills to an offline business. In the last few years I’ve been able to do that since establishing Black Hops Brewing with 2 mates.

So here are some of the ways that I’ve been able to leverage off my online business knowledge to help with an offline business.

Design 101 for Entrepreneurs

Design is something that I feel not enough entrepreneurs take seriously. They treat it as an afterthought, get advice from the wrong people, opt for the cheapest option and as a result, fail to build a respectable brand.

In this article I will drill down further and discuss ways in which you can ensure your design elements, such as your website and in particular your logo, can help you deliver a great brand image. Let’s kick it off with one of my favorite quotes:

From 1 piece of content per week to 50 per day – How to be a modern content machine

With the ongoing shift towards dynamic video content within social media in 2016, increasing your output of quality content has never been more important. In the following article I’ll tell you about the ways and tools I use to deliver the volume of quality content needed to create an impression and effectively engage with your audience.