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Hey, I'm Dan, serial entrepreneur, 4X best-selling author and international speaker.

In 2013 I was 2 weeks away from unemployment after 8 straight years of business failure. In the next week, without any funding, I launched a WordPress support service called WP Curve, providing ongoing small fixes for a monthly fee.

Within 2 years, it was a $1m business with over 40 developers in 7 countries and thousands of clients. I sold the business to GoDaddy in 2016.

Instead of messing around trying to validate ideas or debating things with my entrepreneurial friends, I launched. Then I made decisions based on real information from real customers to build the business.

I now help other entrepreneurs do the same thing via my books and free Facebook group.

Dan Norris - Founder, International Speaker & Bestselling Author


From Unemployed to $20k MRR in 3 Months

I was unexpectedly unemployed in September of 2014. The 7 Day Startup process inspired me to start a graphic design service, Design Pickle.

3 months later we were doing $20,000 in monthly recurring revenue and within 6 months we hit $30k.

4 best-selling business books

My books have been translated into 9 languages and ordered over 50,000 times as well as used in business courses at university level around the world.





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Thousands of entrepreneurs have built real businesses, following The 7 Day Startup process.

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