East Coast Roast Marketing Plan

This is a quick post in the series about how I’m planning on marketing my new coffee brand East Coast Roast (check out the other posts here). It’s very easy to overcomplicate marketing and get overwhelmed to the point of not doing anything. Since buying the business, I’ve done basically no marketing and we don’t have any marketing people in house, or any consultants.

I’ve been waiting for the new packaging to arrive to get started on marketing. The previous owners didn’t do too much marketing either, and kicking it all off again is a bit daunting. Particularly without any marketing team or agency.

So I’m making things simple. For now I’m only doing one form of marketing, with some very basic goals. This post can serve as the plan for Feb 2024 and I’ll report back at the end of Feb to see how we went.

Basic plan

Use social media and content to build a new brand, East Coast Roast. Starting simple:

  • Start using Instagram, like other people’s posts, follow customers, follow some influencers, just get active on the platform (feel free to follow here!). I’ll be logging on every day and posting at least one thing on the story every day.
  • 10 pieces of content per month total across my personal brand (building in public), East coast Roast blog / email and social media (mainly Instagram).
  • Have a simple goal of 10,000 impressions for all content for the month and 10% growth in total followers.

It sounds simple but we’ve done very little marketing in the past and basically zero since I took over the business. And I’ve learned over the years that simple goals are better, and if you can hit 10% growth each month you can turn that very quickly into a large number. We’ll be at around 4,000 by the end of the year if we can grow at 10% per month.

Content ideas

I need to think up 10 content ideas per month. I started writing down a few ideas and I have a list of 8 posts that I think we can safely do each month.

1. Instagram Stories – do something on the story every day. Re-share customer stories if we get tagged. I haven’t really touched Instagram and it’s a great industry for IG content. I’ll start sharing things I see each day that might be interesting, shouldn’t be hard we have lots going in.
User generated content that comes from someone sharing our product.We never get tagged in anything but I reckon I can change that, particularly with the rebrand.
Monthly competitionCompetitions crush and who doesn’t love free coffee. I also want to build a local brand so I’ll get a bunch of locally produced stuff and do competitions with other companies. Spread the message to support local, practice what we preach, and hopefully get some more followers.
Monthly blog post / emailWe’ll try to post one post per month on the East Coast Roast blog. I’ve only written one post on the blog since buying the business and it went quite well (About some quality improvements).
Monthly report – Dan’s blogI’m going to be writing monthly updates about East Coast Roast on this blog. I’m excited about having my traditional audience follow the journey, and who knows, I might sell some coffee haha.
Monthly topic post – Dan’s blogI’ll also pick a topic each month to cover on my blog. This month it was opening up and discussing the P&L for the business.
Fun short videoI’ve always avoided video but there’s no denying, short form video is where it’s at, and I’ll just have to figure out how to do it well. I’m going to be doing one short video per month, try to make it fun. I’m secretly a little bit excited about this one, after going Viral on TikTok once, I reckon I can pull it off haha.
Lifestyle photo or videoOnce the new brand activations come live, there will be good photo opportunities at cafe’s so we’ll get out there and get some good photos. I might get a pro photographer involved to do a bunch.

One quick comment about content ideas. I was really worried about coming up with short form video ideas but once I committed to doing one each month, the ideas started flowing. After a week without dedicating any time to it at all, I already have 9 video ideas. Just stuff I think of that would work, and I jot down in my notes. I’m quite excited about the video part of this plan.

The table above is 8 things I think I can easily do every month. That leaves 2 more to make my goal of 10. I made a list of backup options for the final 2. A big part of doing content well is just doing what feels right or what’s relevant at the time. So I will keep this list handy, and if opportunities arise I’ll do content like this:

  1. Any other examples of the top 8 ideas above, there is more than likely going to be opportunities to do more than 1.
  2. Meet the team – introducing the new team, try to make it fun.
  3. Behind the scenes – Lots happens here, now that marketing is on my mind we’ll think of things to put out.
  4. Technical / process – There are lots of technical things we can share around coffee roasting and serving / cupping etc.

Content process

My process with content for as long as I can remember has been the same. I have 4 things:

  1. I have one Google Doc which is the main content doc filled with ideas for future content. I have different Google profiles, so I have one for my personal brand, one for East Coast Roast and one for my weekly beer podcast Boss and the Brewer.
  2. I have a note in Apple Notes for any random ideas I get. I add to it as soon as I think of anything, but the idea is I’ll ultimately transfer it to the Google Doc when I think it’s worth running with.
  3. I have reminders set up for key things I don’t want to forget (daily IG check, monthly marketing report etc).
  4. I have a monthly marketing report. This keeps me accountable and gives me a way of checking how things are going.

Monthly marketing report

At the end of every month I do end of month reports. It’s quite a change from my last business. I used to have people bring the reports to me. But now I write the reports by myself, for myself, which is weird and it requires a bit of discipline for me to make it happen. However without it, I would never do anything so I just have to suck it up and get it done.

From end of February onwards I’ll be including a very simple 1 page marketing report in this list. It will cover our main content goals (10 pieces of content, 10,000 impressions, 10% growth), and it will list each piece of content and the impressions for that content. And it will show our followers on every platform and how much they’ve grown in the last month.

I’ll share the reports on this blog if I think it’s interesting enough, I’ll definitely share the first one at the end of Feb to see how we are tracking.


When I took over the business it had around 1,000 Instagram followers. I have shared it quite a bit and we’ve grown that, but I think we can do a lot better. Here’s where things stand at the time of writing, and we’ll be trying to increase this by at least 10% this month.

  • Instagram – 1,348
  • Facebook – 894
  • Twitter – 0 (no account yet)
  • LinkedIn – 21 (I set this page up, I reckon we can do OK on LinkedIn).
  • TikTok – 0 (no account yet)
  • MailChimp – 409
  • TOTAL – 2,672 – Feb goal 267 new followers.


Let’s see how we go, I reckon we can build a great brand and following using content. If you want to follow along, here are some ways you can do that.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask via the comments below or hit me up via the channels above.

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